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ECUTEK are continually researching and expanding the list of vehicles that our products support. If you can't see your vehicle on the list, don't despair. ECUTEK are continually adding to the list. Send us an email and let us know your cars make, model details etc.

Download this file for an easy reference guide to see what is available for your car:

DeltaDash   (for DeltaECU see below)

Below are listed the vehicles ECUs which are supported by the current version of DeltaDash. If your car/ECU is not on here, it doesn't mean it cannot be supported - it simply means that we haven't seen the vehicle yet. To check your ECU type, simply check under the passenger side footplate beneath the carpet - the version is printed on the lid of the ECU.
  • Impreza WRX
    • US WRXs
      • af411, af420, af421, af422, af423, af424 - 2001/2002
      • aj030, aj031, aj040, aj041, ah791 - 2003/2004
    • EU WRX
      • ae801, ae801, ae802 - 1999/2000
      • af530, af531, ah750 - 2001/2003
    • Japanese WRXs
      • af470, af471 - 2001/2002
      • ae480, ae481 - WRX Type 5/6 RA
      • ae490/491 - 1999/2000 WRX
    • Other WRXs
      • ah570
      • af720
      • af730
  • Impreza STI
    • Japanese STIs
      • af040, af041 - WRX STI Type 5/6
      • af480, af481, af482, ah190 - WRX STI 2001/2003
      • ag970, ag971 - STI RAC
      • ah580, ah581 - STI TwinScroll
      • ah591 - STI TwinScroll RAC
      • STI S202
    • European STIs
      • ag340 - Prodrive P1 1999/2000
      • ag820, ag821, ah990 - STI Type UK 2001/2003
    • US STIs
      • aj241 - US 2.5 Litre STI
    • Other STIs
      • ah180, aj0000 - SA/AUS Spec. STI.
  • Other Subaru Vehicles
    • Forrester
      • ag040, ag050, ag060, ag200, ae901, ag540, ag580, af260, af261 - Forrester Turbo S 1999/2003
      • ag380 - Forrester STI 2001/2002
      • Forrester 2.0 GLS
      • ag621 - Forrester 2.5
    • Legacy
      • af181, ag850, ad971, ad984, ag441, ag443 - B4 Twin Turbo 1999/2003
      • 2.5 GX
      • 2.0 GL
      • Outback 3.0, H6

Various other Subaru vehicles are supported including many recent additions. To check support for your vehicle, simply download the latest version of DeltaDash and check the list of supported ECUs from the help menu.


There are now five Software options to choose from to enable access to the Subaru ECU. (Flash 99) supports the 1999 and 2000 model years of cars such as WRX, STi and Forester GT. (Flash 2002) supports the 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 model year of Impreza WRX and GT Forester. (Flash 2002 STi) supports the 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 model year of Impreza WRX STi. (B4) supports the Twin Turbo B4 2001 to 2003 (Flash 2004) supports the 2004 onwards model year of Impreza STi (USA only) Forester XT and Liberty GT turbo.

The current list of supported cars is as follows:

The list of supported ECU for Flash99 is shown below. This list is constantly being updated:

The list of supported ECU for Flash2002 is shown below. This list is constantly being updated:

2004 onwards Model Years - EcuTek Flash2004

The list of supported ECU for Flash2004 is shown below. This list is constantly being updated:


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