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  1. Specification The ECU is extremely fast and has a powerful 20Mhz 32-bit RISC processor.
  2. Development Subaru spend many millions "pounds" in software calibration and we can benefit from this. We only need to work on approximately 3% of the data contained in the ECU. This way we retain all of the difficult and time consuming mapping such as transients, warm up, cold start, overrun. We can then concentrate on mapping outside the parameters set at the conservative setting issued at the factory. Many aftermarket replacement ECU's cannot hope to compete with the speed, power and complexity of the standard unit, this is why the ability to re-map in the way we can renders these units and add-on signal modifiers obsolete.
  3. Functionality All functions of the standard ECU remain. Features such as diagnostic trouble codes, ECU control of the climate system, vehicle immobiliser, fault code memory. None of these functions are available with replacement programmable ECU's and with the add-on signal modifiers which cut into the vehicle wiring, they can actually add a fault due to the ECU seeing the wrong signals
  4. Security Programming is performed via the diagnostic socket of the car. No hardware or wires are added or removed from the ECU. The standard factory diagnostic unit will report the ECU as being normal and unaltered.

See the aftermarket ecu comparison for more information.



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